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Harrison P Spader, Personal Space Invader

Illustrated by Cale Atkinson

Harrison P Spader, Personal Space Invader is a hilarious story about a young hippo who gets right into other animals' personal spaces, much to their chagrin. It wasn’t much of a problem when he was small, but now everyone feels a little worried when Harrison’s around. He hugs too much, he shakes hands too long and sometimes he sits a little too close to his friends.

But with help from his dad who gives him a few simple tips, Harrison learns how to be a better friend without making others feel uncomfortable.

This super cute picture book helps preschoolers and elementary kids learn about the importance of personal space. I loved the simplicity and expressiveness of the illustrations, but the part of the story that I appreciate the most, is that learning how to change takes some time. As Harrison navigates through his problems, his friends figure out how to encourage him until all of them eventually learn how to get along.

A great invader book!

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