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Blue & Bertie

Written and illustrated by Kristyna Litten

Bertie the yellow giraffe leads a monotonous life with his peeps until he wakes up all alone one day … because he had overslept a bit! And he has never been on his own before!

Soon Blue, a blue giraffe, finds him (or maybe he finds Blue) and Bertie discovers an amazing new world full of adventures that he had never known of before.

But Bertie still wants to go home, and that’s when his friendship with Blue is tested. Will Bertie take Blue with him, and will the yellow giraffes accept Blue?

This gentle story about breaking out of your comfort zone wonderfully illustrates how looking at things from a different perspective and accepting it, can make you see and enjoy life to its fullest.

I’ve seen many books with this theme lately, but what I like about this one is that it doesn’t hit you over the head with it! And how can it? The illustrations are simply divine; Blue and Bertie are adorable, and my family loved it!

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