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Colin the Chameleon

Written and illustrated by Rachel Quarry

Colin the Chameleon cannot change his colors, and therefore his siblings don’t like it when he is around them. Nasty predators spot him easily, you see; so he keeps on hiding under the leafy trees in hopes that no threatening critter will ever see him.

But there’s a spot on the other side of a dangerous road where there’s plenty of yummy food — if only all the chameleons could get to it safely!

One day Colin leans too far out from his branch and falls right into the middle of that road … and the rest is history!

The illustrations in this book are fantastic; subtle to move the story forward, yet action-packed to make it feel complete. And although the theme has been explored in many other books before, I found it charming, adventurous and delightful in this one. Definitely a must-read for younger readers!

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