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The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk

Illustrated by Jess Golden

A new take on an old classic isn’t always a good thing, but in The Wheels on the Tuk Tuk; the authors creatively capture the hustle and bustle of a busy Indian town by introducing the uniqueness and importance of the three-wheeled auto-rickshaw to their audience.

I loved the illustrations in this book! It’s colorful and creative, and it almost helps you experience a different culture when you see the riders hop on and off the packed tuk tuk, pay their rupees (money) to the wala (driver), greet each other with "namaste," stop for a cow that blocks the street, get sprayed with water by a roaming elephant, snack on “poppa-doppa-doms” and even "bobble-bobble-bobble all through the town."

A big selling point for this book is its handy glossary. Not only can you get the translations explained, but you can also learn about the significance of certain terms or objects (like a cow or an elephant) in their cultural context.

The only drawback to the book for me was that although the language was lyrical (and I loved its onomatopoeia), I felt that the rhymes were a bit off at times. But that shouldn’t hinder anyone from enjoying a delightful story.

Quite an enjoyable book! Enjoy! Namaste!

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