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Holly's Day at the Pool

Written by Benson Shum and Carol Arrow

Illustrated by Benson Shum

Sometimes the "what if’s" in our lives can stop us from having great experiences. Such is the case with Holly.

Holly the hippopotamus is a little afraid of the pool. She’s afraid of the cold water, of water getting into her eyes, nose and ears, and possibly every scenario she can think of!

But she IS a very brave little hippo though! She is always able to save her little sister’s toy when it gets lost or stuck somewhere, and when that toy falls in the pool, Holly is off to the rescue.

Holly's Day at the Pool is a charming, wonderfully illustrated book with an encouraging, positive message. Facing your fears is often the best way of overcoming it!

I especially loved the part that the dad played in the story. He never backs out of his decision to take Holly to the pool. When she gives him excuses and for not going, he gently suggests some ways on how she could deal with it, should it actually happen.


he illustrations are lovely, too! Expressive and charming! Definitely a read-again book!

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