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Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

Written and illustrated by Alex T Smith

Let me start off by saying that the illustrations in this book were absolutely delightful. And vibrant. And cute. And did I say delightful?

Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion is a cute retelling of an old and popular folktale, with a smart and fearless main character who teaches a lion a thing or two about manners.

Set somewhere in Africa, Auntie wakes up one day with spots, and Little Red is tasked to bring her some medicine and doughnuts to make her feel better. Little Red makes it past all sorts of animals on the way to her Auntie’s house until she stops for a little rest in the shade of a nearby tree. And that’s when the Very Hungry Lion appears! When he assumes that Little Red and her Auntie might be easy prey, he hatches a plan to eat them both. But Little Red is not fooled. Not fooled at all!

‘Nough said!

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