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The Great Paper Caper

Written and illustrated by Olivers Jeffers

In a world where trees are very important, forest critters start noticing that their tree branches are mysteriously disappearing. At first they accuse each other, but they soon realize that they need to find an unaccounted-for thief.

In an imaginative “whodunit”, they set out to solve the mystery, only to discover that the BEAR had been stealing the branches to make his not-so-good paper planes for the upcoming Paper Airplane Competition. After a short trial, he sincerely apologizes for his crime and agrees to replant the trees.

I love the adoring folk-art-style artwork; I appreciated the detailed illustrations, and although I think that the message is slightly moralistic, I enjoyed this book immensely, but the part that I liked the most, is the bit that follows after the bear’s confession. So, go read the book! You’ll love it!

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