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Whobert Whover, Owl Detective

Written by Jason Gallaher

Illustrator by Jess Pauwels

In this hilarious mystery picture book, we meet the very clueless Whobert Owl who goes on a “whoo”-dunnit hunt to find out who koshed his friend, Perry the Possum.

With each creature he interrogates, the reader comes to realize that all is not what it seems to be! Perry is very much alive, and if there is one case that needs solving, Whobert might actually have the answer!

Not only did I enjoy this quirky story, I also loved the illustrations in this book! They complement the story perfectly and made the book delightful and funny. The visual clues make the story easy to follow for young readers and the characters make the story fun and engaging!

You need to read it! It’s a hoot!

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